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Wuhan Jianyang as a leading professional manufacturer of strong neodymium magnet / rare earth magnet and magnetic devices in Wuhan of China since 2010,with many years rich experience and advanced technology and facility in researching, development and production of magnetic products for science, innovation engineering and industry etc. Now our annual throughput for strong high-quality neodymium-iron-boron( NdFeB) magnets.

Wuhan Jianyang products line include super strong rare earth permanent magnet products with bonded and sintered NdFeB , Smco magnet, casting and sintered Alnico permanent magnets and hard ferrite magnets(ceramic magnet).We can custom the wide range of different shape and full range size of magnet to meet any requirement of clients, such as arc magnet , cylinder magnet, ring magnet, block magnet,cube magnet, ball magnets and abnormity magnet etc. And can coated products by Ni-Cu-Ni, Zinc, Epoxy or gold etc by customer’s requirement. Also we manufacture the different magnetic application products, including magnetic separator, magnetic hooks, magnetic chuck, holding magnet, magnet pot, magnet fixer, magnetic lifter etc.
Wuhan Jianyang are widely applied in motor magnet, magnet for wind power generator, magnet for speaker, magnetic separator, magnet for meter, and many different other field such as electronic machinery, instruments, machining, daily-used articles etc. In order to keep up with the rapid developing trend of production and application in the world, we are backed by our long time professional experience and convenient well-situated facility, continuously promotes the development and production in the field. We have established a perfect quality control system in accordance with the requirement of ISO9001.

Wuhan Jianyang have made it as our long terms policy for our innovative products to be reliable in quality, preferential in price, faithful to contract and mutual beneficial in cooperation.